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The Writer's Best Friend!
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Friday, October 20, 2017

A Love Story From the Greatest Generation

Grant and Mary Valentine, of The Greatest Generation, documented not only their lives but historical events in more than eight-hundred letters exchanged during Grant’s four years of military service in Hawaii and the Pacific Theater. Even though the letters were censored, leaving Grant unable to tell his entire story and Mary unable to share daily events heard on the radio or read in the newspapers, they were adept at veiling information.

453 pages filled with letters and photographs!

After Grant returned home in 1945, the letters were packed away in a large brown pigskin suitcase. Both Grant and Mary were quick to point out that their words were “racy” and very personal; therefore, they did not allow the family access to the letters. Decades later, when the suitcase was finally opened, a significant treasure trove was found bundled in faded yellow ribbons.  

The result is Christina Valentine Larsen’s extraordinary labor of love, My Own Darling, A Love Story for the Ages from The Greatest Generation. 

This limited edition is now available on

"Christina Valentine Larsen illuminates the everyday rhythms of the lives of her parents through letters written during World War II. Her father’s perspective—with all the fears and adversities—and her mother’s viewpoint as she copes with life on the home-front shed light upon a troubled but wonderful world. Reading about new experiences and unexpected discoveries during their eloquent journey gave me a clearer sense of history, as well as, an accurate account of who these people were and the times they lived in. The couple’s values of love, respect, and commitment are reflected in their own words." – MJ West, author of Without Reservations.

Thursday, November 3, 2016


MJ West recently released her wonderful memoir, WITHOUT RESERVATIONS, A Memoir , from Windflower Press at a triple-header book launch party in Orange Country.

The author  recalls the exquisite moments that make up her life with Vern. Come gather around the table, sit by the fire, and relish the scent of homegrown tomatoes and basil simmering on the stove in this delightful memoir. 

Beginning their married life without honeymoon hotel reservations and finding "no vacancy" signs as they headed into life together, MJ and Vern created a home where all are welcome. Told in simple and charming vignettes and poetry, the author portrays an environment that's abundant with love, rare books, and family treasures. WITHOUT RESERVATIONS, A Memoir reminds the reader that life is what you make of it and not the other way around.

MJ West grew up in an American Italian family steeped in good cooking and tradition, and she brought some of those familial values into her own marriage as she and her husband established a home and raised a family in San Clemente, California. 

"In my seventies," she says, "I realized, that if didn’t write about my family traditions, world travels, passion for books, and knowledge of how a changing world affected my life, these vignettes would be lost forever.

"By looking back, I’m really looking forward, hoping these stories and poems I’ve written will be passed down, and benefit future generations."

MJ will be at the San Clemente Library on Saturday, December 3rd, with author/publisher MaryAnn Easley of Windflower Press at 1 pm, to share her book and share the process of memoir writing. The event is free, but space is limited, so mark your calendars now.

Saturday, December 3rd, 1 - 3 pm
San Clemente Library

Book signing and publisher's tips on writing your own memoir!

Friday, October 28, 2016

New Books Launched by Windflower Press!

A Triple Header Book Launch!

WINDFLOWER PRESS recently launched three fall books at a Saturday evening party event featuring a buffet, champagne, literary prizes, and music by Ross Costa. Emcee and poet, John Gardiner, introduced guests to featured authors: Jane Gragg Lewis, author of A JAR OF FIREFLIES, A Memoir of Growing Up in the South; MJ West, author of WITHOUT RESERVATIONS, A Memoir; and MaryAnn Easley, author of INTO THE LIGHT, Journaling for Optimal Change. 

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A feel good memoir that celebrates love and family. $18.95
Feel the love in this charming new memoir sure to please.
Released at the recent Triple Header Book Launch!

Dreams & reality intertwine in this mind-bender novel.
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An unforgettable memoir about growing up in the south during the confusing civil rights era. $18.95

Released at the recent 
Triple Header Book Launch!

Remarkable poetry and prose by one of California's finest poets! $18.95

John Gardiner was featured as emcee at the recent triple-header book launch in Orange County. His second book of poetry, released during Windflower's annual National Poetry Month  event is currently available at venues where he is featured,  at or through the secure LIMIED RELEASES button located in the sidebar on this site.


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After six years in prison—three in solitary confinement—for stealing a horse and crossing into a top-secret area, Luke Landry, abused and hardened, is granted a full pardon. Seeking a new start, he volunteers for submarine school; however, psychological testing reveals deep problems. Thwarted by the naval psychiatrist, Landry is denied admission. He stubbornly succeeds in making a forceful appeal against great adversity and is finally assigned to a newly-built submarine where he discovers flaws in the system as well as in his own true nature.  

MEET ETHAN BARRETT: Kid-Kart Champion (K-4)
THROUGH THE GATE by Sharon Hanks (journaling)

FOOTSTEPS OF GOPAL by Elaine Pike (Memoir)

BLOND BOY, The Journey of Tso Tahlee, A Memoir 

by E. Lon Chaney, Jr.
DANCING SKELETON, Surviving Stage IV Cancer, 
by Joanna Giangardella
I SHOULD HAVE BEEN A COWBOY, A Mweoir by John Romano
HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS, A Memoir by Alice Secrist
HUNTER KILLER  by Richard Easley (Fiction)
RANDOM  by Janet Mackaig (poetry)
COYOTE BLUES  by John Gardner (free verse & prose poems)
SHE WRITES  (Anthology)
WIDE HORIZONS by Jim King (Inspiration)
KNUCKLE DOWN  by MaryAnn Easley (fiction)
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Elaine Pike treks three passes in the Himalayas!                     

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